Trento Off Road

Needs at the beginning of the project

Trento Off Road is born as a motocross workshop and dealer, with also an area dedicated to the sale of clothing and accessories. Why does it decide to open an e-commerce store?

Having already a good visibility in the local area, the goal of the e-commerce was to become nationally known and sell its products throughout Italy.

It was essential to boost the online visibility of the new e-commerce store and support the sales with tailored promotions through the digital channels. 

What we worked on

E-commerce store creation and catalogue management, SEO and advertising campaigns.


The e-commerce store has been designed to highlight the products and ease the purchase process. Our whole support, both technical and design, has allowed us to obtain an online showcase able to enhance the products without compromising the performance.

Catalogue management

The growth of the website traffic and the online sales gave rise to the need to expand the product catalogue. A new process has been studied, in order to integrate it to the management software of the shop. Now it’s possible to upload lots of products with minimal effort, keeping updated the inventory stock.

SEO strategies

We optimized the content on the website in order to support a fast, organic indexing of the website. Thanks to semantic and technical SEO strategies and to a careful analysis of the competitors, the indexed keywords have tripled within a few months, as well as the organic traffic of the website.

Sponsored campaigns

With the aim to enhance quality traffic on the website and boost the sales online, we developed sponsored campaigns with original and creative content. Thanks to the updated optimizations and to the careful analysis of the data, it was possible to increase the sales with moderated advertising costs.

Results after 12 months



A detailed social plan, combined with sponsored campaigns and SEO activities immediately conveyed quality traffic on the website.



Content marketing optimization fostered the website’s positioning on Google, allowing a quick indexing for strategic keywords.



Managing hyper-profiled campaigns and the optimization of the conversion paths allowed to achieve an excellent return on the monthly media investments.

They developed our shop optimized for mobile without ever underestimating the SEO.

N. Micheletti · Titolare di Trento Off Road

Thanks to a 360° consultancy on e-commerce’s realization and launch, Trento Off Road has now an additional retail channel that, supported by the traditional store, manages to reach customers all over Italy.

Through a deep analysis of the data and the competitors, it was possible to maximize the return on investments in advertising expenditure.

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