Skim Corner

Needs at the beginning of the project

Skim Corner was born with the aim of launching and spread Skimboard Flatland culture in Italy. Endorsed by the desire to raise awareness of the professional DB Skimboards, very soon this passion turned into an entrepreneurial project.

Starting from a small community created on Instagram and grown spontaneously, the true challenge was to enhance visibility beyond the niche, on the web also and not only across skimboard lovers.

It was thus essential to plan and execute in a short amount of time targeted promotions through digital channels, able to intercept new consumers and support the growth of the e-commerce.

What we worked on

E-commerce creation, social media, online-offline strategy and improvement of the User Experience


We created the e-commerce adding value to the unicity of the project and making sure to respect the communication standards of the market’s niche. We gave the project a 360° support, both technical and design-related, aiming at obtaining a showcase able to give value to the products without compromizing performances.

On-offline strategy

Taking advantage of the Community already active on social network, we tested different communication strategies. The goal was to create a keep-on-going process between online actions of the e-commerce and the offline promotion within the Community. This was possible thanks to the ideation of jam sessions and events promoted across social media.

Digital Marketing

We optimized customer’s Facebook and Instagram pages through social media marketing by creating a posting plan apt to promote in an innovative way the e-commerce products. Thanks to original strategies and a careful data analysis, it was possible to reach a higher number of users with a limited advertising expense.

SEO e User Experience

We took care of the user experience on the website in great detail, in order to facilitate surfing across contents, to ease and increase purchases. Moreover, we enhanced the e-commerce visibility on search engines through an accurate SEO activity and a careful study of the product details.

Results after 12 months



A detailed social plan, combined with sponsored campaigns and SEO activities immediately conveyed quaility traffic on the website.



Content marketing optimization fostered the website’s positioning on Google, allowing a quick indexing for strategic keywords.



Customer journey’s and product pages’ optimization positively affected sales conveyed by organic traffic.

With a niche product we developed together an e-commerce and its best launch strategy. I started to sell after few months and my products are already on Google’s first page. A skilled team and always on track!

T. Dalprà · Founder di Skimcorner

Thanks to a steady cooperation in the creation and launch of the e-commerce, Skim Corner managed to create an active community, obtain online visibility and start selling online.

Through a constant monitoring of data, it was possible to limit the advertising expense and set a stable growth.

Would you like to start selling your products online as well?