Needs at the beginning of the project

The apps were easily discoverable on Google Play Store, but there wasn’t a website that could efficiently explain users all features in details.

From the users perspective, asking for assistance was quite complicated because the process was based on assistance’s tickets.

The old website—only in the English version—blocked the possibility to get informed for users of different nationalities, undermining this way the conversion rates.

What we worked on

Website creation, user interaction and user experience


We built a WordPress website to show all Kiddoware apps


We added a chatbot on the website to encourage users to interact with the brand

Content translation

The website has been translated in the primary languages to intercept users of different nationalities

Facebook automated messages

We set a range of automated messages with Facebook in order to convert the users

Results after 3 months



Visits increased up to 20% thanks to a performing website and SEO-optimized contents



Bounce rate decreased to 55% thanks to the new translated content, that encouraged the users to surf on different website pages



Subscriptions through chatbot every month. Users are willing to chat for customer’s support

Alma team did a great job with marketing and monetization our android apps. They took time to understand our market, came up with both marketing, analytics and monetization strategy and assisted with implementation. This resulted in signification performance improvement which would not have been possible without their effort. We highly recommend them!!

P. Josh · CEO di Kiddoware

At the end of the project Kiddoware’s website could be easily found on Google network and users can surf and access contents translated into their language.
At the end of the project, the website could gather more than 300 monthly contacts only through chatbot.

Do you also have a website but can’t be found by your potential customers?