GRUBER Logistics S.p.A.

Needs at the beginning of the project

When we started the collaboration the customer had just launched a new company website, after a complete restyling. The priority was to define a strategy to quickly index the website’s contents, so it could appear on Google search results.

The customer was facing a complete digitalization of processes and services, looking for a digital marketing partner that could understand the business peculiarity, work side-by-side for the development of the project and support the achievement of his goals.

Moreover, it was essential to define and execute in a short span of time launch and promotion strategies for new services across digital channels, being able at the same time to intercept new leads and support the business’ growth.

What we worked on

SEO, Web Design and Google Ads campaigns


We improved website performances, added strategic keywords and fine-tuned the Company’s organic positioning, with the aim of increasing Google search results both through services pages and brand.


We helped the customer to evaluate strategies from a data-driven point of view, taking actions based on measurable metrics and results. Looking at the same direction, we defined step-by-step, flexible strategies.

Google Ads

We developed a launch strategy of a new service, looking at market data to validate both the value proposition and the target group. Thanks to an accurate monitoring of results, we are able to constantly adapt our strategy and improve it.

Lead B2B

We created optimized landing pages to collect new leads. Through promotional campaigns on Google research network, we then conveyed targeted traffic with a marketing segmentation creating new offer requests.

Results after only 4 months



A well-performing website and a raising number of indexed keywords increased visits up to 41%.



SEO strategy improved the website’s positioning and doubled the keywords in the first page.



The new campaigns on Google Ads intercepted more targeted users and improved the website’s conversion rate.

We relied on Alma at a very important moment for our company. We were reorganizing internal processes and investing in new digital technologies and strategies. Therefore, we were looking for a smart agency that could quickly understand our needs and operate accordingly.

Alma has proven to be the ideal partner, following us step by step and guiding us professionally through our changes in structures and marketing strategies.

G. Casciani · Marketing Manager

Driven by a lean approach, we turned a first large project into a modular cooperation made of micro-projects, to closely monitor our costumer’s progresses and proceed according to results achieved.

As of today, the website can be dealt as an actual customer acquisition channel, just as traditional ones.

Would you like to acquire new customers through your website as well?